Where we are:



Innovatio and reliability

We have a long experience in the analysis of management processes
automatic recognition and storage of materials that allows us to
find unique solutions of high innovation. We are specialists
in the optimization of vision systems, in the choice
of electronics, mechanics, kinematics, robotics
collaborative, in industrial robotics. In our daily work
we always focus on technical accuracy, compliance,
safety, on the rules and processes necessary to build plants
efficient automatic. Experience has allowed us to know in a way
deepened the needs of our customers, to choose the right ones
integrations of mechanics, electronics, information technology and automation. There
we distinguish, also on the innovative materials we use, so much from
continuously experimenting with new solutions and creations aimed at
mechanical precision, design and furnishing of spaces.
This experimentation has become a real passion for us, so much so that
today, on request, we can make parts for furnishing accessories
in cheap, functional and easily recyclable materials, suitable
also in particular designs conceived to furnish.

We are specialists in logistics automation
We design work environments, transforming space into value We are also interested in: politics, multimedia, customs, feminism, education and research

Silvano Fagiani divulges Italian points of view on secularism e democracy in Europe. It also contributes, out of direct interest, to the creation of an international image of the automation produced in Italy and the <ecological> use of robotics.